Data Containers in Elastic Beanstalk

In deploying a multicontainer Docker application to Elastic Beanstalk I needed to mount a volume from one container into another. Something similar to: docker run –volumes-from my-data-container my-container I got a little stuck because the docs for running a multicontainer application in Beanstalk talk about mounting volumes on the host but not between containers. The solution is … More Data Containers in Elastic Beanstalk


docker-machine prompt

In playing with Docker on various cloud providers I thought it would be nice to add the current docker host info the the prompt. First I created a function in my .bashrc to set the docker environment variables from machine. dme(){ eval $(docker-machine env $@) } Then created another function and added it to PS1 to … More docker-machine prompt

Terraforming The Network

Where I work we build and run our own infrastructure hosted in various colocation facilities. Compute is primarily provisioned through vSphere and load balancing and network configuration is handled with F5 BigIP appliances. Together these are very powerful systems that allow a lot of flexibility and control in how infrastructure is put together. Unfortunately the … More Terraforming The Network