No Fargate configuration exists for given values

Getting started with Terraform and Amazon Fargate the other day and ran into this error when trying to create a new task. No Fargate configuration exists for given values. The issue was with my cpu and memory settings for the task. Looking at the docs these settings must match a predefined set of values. I … More No Fargate configuration exists for given values


TransactionRequiredException and Spring Data

This post is about a recent problem I ran into using custom update queries in an application using Spring Data. I’ve had success with this in the past but this time I was trying to call the repository method directly from a lambda passed in a Spring Integration flow definition like so: IntegrationFlows.from(“myChannel”) … .handle(Integer.class, … More TransactionRequiredException and Spring Data

Beanstalk for long running jobs…but not too long.

How long is too long? The answer may surprise you! tl;dr: It’s 30 minutes. To support tasks that take a long time AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides Worker Environments to make developing applications which consume an SQS queue easier. There are a lot of benefits to this but it does come with some caveats if your jobs … More Beanstalk for long running jobs…but not too long.


For HackVT 2016 myself and 4 other developers, cleverly known as Team TBD, created CodeShepherd. A collaborative IDE with course material built-in designed to help connect programming educators with students. In this post I’ll go into how we came to decide on this project and talk about the technologies and architecture behind it. Planning to … More CodeShepherd

Data Containers in Elastic Beanstalk

In deploying a multicontainer Docker application to Elastic Beanstalk I needed to mount a volume from one container into another. Something similar to: docker run –volumes-from my-data-container my-container I got a little stuck because the docs for running a multicontainer application in Beanstalk talk about mounting volumes on the host but not between containers. The solution is … More Data Containers in Elastic Beanstalk